The Hunt For Reds of October

Leelanau Peninsula has become well-known for its incredible ability to craft and produce wines such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and other beautiful cool-climate white wines. What is often overlooked; however, is the regions unique ability to grow and create some worlds finest red wine varietals, ranging from Cabernet Franc, Blaufränkisch, Pinot Noir and many more!

To help get beneath the surface, the LP Wine Trail hosts a fun event that allows consumers to indulge in many of the reds available on the Leelanau Peninsula.

Join us for an entire month (Saturdays & Sundays Excluded) to celebrate our annual ‘Hunt For The Reds of October’ event. Enticing you with the beautiful landscapes of the Autumn season in Northern Michigan paired with some of the finest red wines in the world.

Event benefits include a pour of selected red, from each of the participating wineries. Tickets are $35.00 each and for every ticket sold, $5.00 goes to the American Red Cross Association.